Skiing is a pathway to engagement with a global community. The sport represents a very realistic way for many of these countries to increase international tourism visits. More importantly though, it represents an opportunity to build community and national self esteem by preparing athletes for a globally recognized athletic tour, that along the way ensures significant growth of the sport throughout each individual country.
The Silk Road Freeride event is a natural next step of founding fathers Stacy Bare (Adventure Not War), Olaf Sueters (Gear4Guides) and Peter Hofman (Ryce Travel). A collaboration between the three to maximize their impact and launch the world’s greatest, most diverse and challenging ski tour in Central Asia.
Starting in the Winter of 2020, the next few years will focus on supporting local athletes,coaches, race directors, and administrators in skills development, while also stitching together a few of the existing ski races in individual Central Asian nations for a regional and international tour modeled off of the Free Ride World Tour concept. 
In time, these races will serve as FWT Qualifiers and offer prize money, sponsorship opportunities, and swag for participants and winners.
Stacey Bare

Following a ski trip to Afghanistan, Adventure Not War Stacy Bare wanted to figure out how to best support and grow skiing not only in Afghanistan, but throughout the region.

Olaf Sueters

Olaf Sueters of Gear4Guides has been traveling internationally to develop ski nations and to help support skiing leadership in underdeveloped countries.

Peter Hofman

After starting a foundation to support ski projects in Central Asia, Peter Hofman developed adventure ski tours to several countries on the Silk Road.